Good & Affordable Food & Drinks

Being located just across our we thought it would make sense to share the same kitchen with a wide array of international as well as local Chinese dishes. We feel very fortunate to have found chefs who are very proficient in both Chinese and Western food. Our fridge is stacked with a varied selection of Belgian Beers and imported wines, aside of local beers. Plenty of juices & smoothies to choose from as well. We occasionally organise sumptuous Chinese group dinners in a traditional local family way to offer you the opportunity to sample a variety of the freshest local dishes at a budget price in a social atmosphere, perfect to exchange travel experiences and meet new friends!

Breakfast options

A great day starts with a great breakfast and we provide a wide array of ingredients in our own guest kitchen. Our kitchen is stocked with plenty bread, eggs, cereals, yogurt, fruit, jam & butter, and fresh local coffee, fruit juice and teas. It comes fully equipped with a cooking stove and microwave, so you can cook your own food any time as well.

The times you prefer to have our chef prepare your breakfast for you we offer 5 full breakfast sets to choose from. All come with freshly grounded and brewed Coffee or a Tea of choice, a tall glass of Fresh Orange Juice (during season which is almost year round) and a choice between White or Whole-wheat toasts or French Bread.

These breakfast sets include a combination of a Omelets, Eggs (style of choice), French Toasts, Muesli with Yogurt and Fruit, Full English-style Breakfast and Pancakes (Banana/Apple with Chocolate/Honey, ham/bacon and Cheese).

Lunch & Dinner

Lunch & Dinner selections include juicy Sirloin steaks (250gr), Orange Glazed Duck, Lemon Crispy Duck, Beer Duck, Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts, Sizzling Beef, Chicken Breasts in Red Wine, Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs, Sichuan-style Pork Ribs, Dragon Eggplant and our selections of home-made Burgers, Pastas, Pizzas, Sandwiches and generous Salads. Probably most often praised are our Apple Crumble (with Ice-Cream) and Belgian Chocolate Cake!

Varied Selection of Drinks

In our bar, lounge, front terrace and back garden we serve healthy juices, shakes, and cocktails. You can enjoy a cup of freshly grounded and brewed Yunnan Coffee, Espressos, Cappuccinos and Coffee Lattes. Teas include Green Tea and Jasmine or a refreshing delicious Ginger Tea.

Our cocktail list covers most of the popular ones with prices that range from just 15Y to 25Y. And here at Trippers one does taste the alcohol in it !

Last but not least, next to the local Beers, we have a great selection of Belgian Beers available at affordable rates with Stella Artois, Hoegaaarden, Leffe Brown, Westmalle triple, Duvel, Kriek, Maredsous... and half of the Belgian renowned Trappist Beers Chimay Red & Blue, Orval and Rochefort 8-10*!
Our cook never uses MSG and we always use fresh oil instead of the cheaper dubious 'recycled' oil sold to many local restaurants in Yangshuo town.