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        GPS type SNS active protective screening


        ¡¡¡¡GPS type SNS  active protective screening     screening type DO/08/300 (wire rope net)   SO/2.2/50 (steel wire barrier)
        ¡¡¡¡Main protective function: containment action, limit the scope of rockfall movement, partly suppress the occurrence of collapse.
        ¡¡¡¡Criss-cross structure of dia 16 crosswise support ropes and dia 12 lengthways  support ropes make up a 4.5m*4.5m square model (at the edge part, sometimes it’s a 4.5m*2.5m square when needed), lay a DO/08/300/4*4(or 4*2) type wire rope net in the square. Every net is bound to support ropes all around and strained by sewing rope. This tension process makes the system put a autofrettage pressure to the slope surface at a certain direction. Thus improved the stability of the surface soil. The screening will prevent collapse of rock as much as possible, and limit small part of falling rock at a certain space. At the same time, lay small mesh SO/2.2/50 type barrier under the wire net, to prevent small size rocks from falling down.
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