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      Corrugated pipe culvert

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      corrugated steel pipe is widely used throughout the world

      Time£º2015-09-02 15:26
      ¡¡¡¡Steel corrugated pipe is also called metal corrugated pipe culvert, corrugated metal culvert pipe, steel corrugated plate channel, metal corrugated plate channel, corrugated pipe, by the ordinary hot-rolled carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, weathering steel or hot galvanized hot / cold rolled steel (domestic usually with a thickness of 2mm~6mm Q235 or SS400 hot rolled sheet) processing and, with a corrugated shape and after corrosion treatment (surface galvanized, aluminized or spraying composite coating).
      ¡¡¡¡Steel corrugated pipe has more than 100 years of manufacturing history in foreign countries, Canada, South Korea, Japan, USA, China, India and some European countries have production enterprises. USA and Canada also has special industry association, since 1980, American and Canada and other countries to strengthen the research on its application environment, the corrosion mechanism, design and manufacturing aspects, the establishment of a set of manufacturing, processing, design, use, inspection specification. In 2002 America Steel Association (AISI) and Canada bellows Association jointly issued a series of steel standard, see table 1. In recent years, the United States corrugated steel pipe Association (NCSPA) integrated corrugated pipe used in recent years, and has published a series of related manual corrugated pipe, used in the manufacture of bellows design, and use.
      ¡¡¡¡Corrugated steel pipe manufacturing process is divided into a first galvanized after molding and forming first galvanized two kinds of process. The former is used galvanized steel direct rolling molding (CSP), the latter is the first rolling steel plate, and then spraying coating, assembly and use galvanized bolt and nut are fixed together to form a circular pipe, arched pipe or other shapes of corrugated pipe (SPCSP). At present, after spraying paint has been from the past only galvanized development to according to the life requirements are respectively sprayed galvanized (zinc thickness above 600g/m2), aluminum plating and spraying polymer coating, life assurance respectively 50 years ~100 years.
      ¡¡¡¡The United States and Canada have formed a complete industrial chain, the specialization of special steel manufacturing and supply, coated steel sheet processing, production, coating materials for corrugated pipe, corrugated pipe manufacturing and design of corrugated pipe equipment manufacturing etc.. According to NCSPA statistics, the peak period, the member unit of its more than 140.
      ¡¡¡¡At present, the application of steel corrugated pipe from the original highway culvert gradually extended to the highway, municipal road, railway, bridge, agriculture, port, airport, municipal conduit, industrial, commercial buildings, residential, mines, old infrastructure repair, new energy and military fields. According to the investigation and statistics of the relevant institutions, in recent years, steel corrugated pipe accounted for more than the United States large diameter pipe market in 30%, the United States corrugated steel pipe sales reached $15000000000. In addition, Japan, South Korea and other East Asian countries since the end of the twentieth Century began to use corrugated pipe culvert.
      ¡¡¡¡Steel corrugated pipe has many advantages in engineering applications, such as high strength of structure, reinforced concrete strength is 1 times ~3 times; the service life is long, up to 100 years; the weight is light, the construction is convenient, the weight is only 10%~20% of cement products, and the civil engineering implementation and tube assembly can be divided into two, the construction period is short. The construction period can be shortened by half; axial flexible, can be applied to the complex geological conditions and settlement serious area; in the construction conditions are poor areas or special geological conditions, the actual cost of construction than the reinforced concrete bridge, similar span culverts low; almost no maintenance, low operation and maintenance cost can be centralized production factory; that is not influenced by the environment, helps to reduce the cost and quality control; convenient installation, without the use of large equipment; environmental protection and low carbon, reduce or simply abandoned the conventional building materials, such as cement, sand, stones used, wood, is conducive to environmental protection.
      ¡¡¡¡With the enhanced awareness of environmental protection, rising labor costs and to improve the construction requirements, the United States and Canada and other countries the application fields of steel corrugated pipe expanding, covering almost all the past to concrete and common steel plate for building construction materials field, mainly including: Road, railway and mining tunnel, ditches and rivers, sewage piping class and drainage, underground foundation protection class, rain water, oil and other liquid storage tank or well type, solid warehouse type, simple warehouse and workshop class.
      ¡¡¡¡Notably, in the face of urban waterlogging problems caused by heavy rains, the solution is to take the United States built by CSP material underground rainwater collection and release system. This system as the auxiliary system of parking lots, parks, stadiums, embankment, rainwater deposition zone, floodplains, drains, depression and other commercial, public and civil construction, highway facilities in the United States, has been popularized in a large scale.