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        Welcome to Hengshui Qijia Engineering Materials Co., Ltd!
        Advisory hotline0318-5105289

        Corrugated pipe culvert

        Hengshui Qijia Engineering Materials Co., Ltd.




        Address:Hengshui Taocheng district north industrial base Xiangsu road No.18

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        Introduction of Qijia company[ 2015-09-04 ]
        Hengshui Qijia engineering material limited company is a subordinate company of Hebei Qijia group. Hengshui Qijia was founded in 2006, more than 320 existing stuff nowadays, among them are 15 senior e
        visitation of the Hengshui Development Zone government[ 2015-09-02 ]
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        In 2014 the Qijia afforestation campaign[ 2014-10-26 ]
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